2018. január 2., kedd

Dear New Year

It's kind of funny, I still miss her.
I still sleep in her T-shirt.
But lot has changed since then. For sure.
I've been to North, been to West, but came back to continue living in my little town. Found home far from here, but realised the unbreakable chains which will always pull a part of my heart back here. I'm not sure I can ever really leave. I'm not sure if it's a curse or a blessing. And I don't think it's home. My mind has been shaped and matured here. Whether I want it or not, I'm hungarian. I can escape it partly, with months of hard work... But it will always be me.
I'm not making conclusion here of last year, and not making vows for the next.
But I feel gratitude and hope, emerging from the mess, and I have plans, I have work to do.
It's kind of funny, I still have those anxieties I've been fighting since years, but I decided not to care.
It's kind of funny, I have a boyfriend now. At least I think so. Who would have tought? Me, definitely not.

We just have to remember that all our little acts matter. All of them. Otherwise, what is the point?
Every smile matters, every little help, every step to disseminate consciousness and love, every living being, every plastic bag you don't buy, every animal you decide not to eat, every kiss you give, every breath you take and every dreams you have! We can make change. Noone else will do it instead of you. Our decisions matter!

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